Chelsey and Alex

This Iceland wedding was such a surprise. Chelsey reached out to me in a panic because two weeks before her wedding, her planner informed her that there was a greenery shortage and the silver dollar eucalyptus would not be able to make it for the wedding. This would make any Bride panic, especially not being able to be there to deal with it herself! After some phone calls and talking Chelsey off a ledge, we were able to get her garland made, and get extra bunches of eucalyptus for her bouquet. The next step was getting it there. One of her brave bridesmaids, Amanda bought an extra suitcase and we stuffed it to the brim and sent her on her way. We sat waiting to get the results, Chelsey already in Iceland, Me in LA, and brave Amanda in the air. Once she got through customs we were all so relieved, I seriously cried. I didn’t know Chelsey other then phone and email conversations, but I connected to her immediately. Her grandmother was also hilarious and such a joy to talk to. Chelsey was so appreciative and such a pleasure to work with. I’m grateful to be part of such a important day in anyone’s life, but this was a special one to me. The eucalyptus made it and looked amazing on her reception tables. If you haven’t already, take a look at her wedding photos in Iceland because, well, IT’S EPIC. Chelsea and looks stunning! I can’t even believe how beautiful everything is in every single picture! The Bride, the Groom, the view!! I need to go to Iceland now!!!!!! Congratulations to this fabulous couple!